A “simple” Will can be defined as one by which the person making the Will (the testator) leaves all assets first to his spouse. If the spouse predeceases the testator, then all assets go to the children in equal shares. For some people this may be fine.
For other people, a simple Will may not be best because it does not consider these and other issues:
1. Children may get money or assets outright at eighteen, the age of majority, and might not use the money for college or some other use the testator supports.
2. It’s a second marriage, the children are not of this marriage and the testator never adopted them, even though he considers them to be his children.
3. One child receives governmental benefits and anything left to that child will make them ineligible for those benefits.
4. Uncertainty as to what assets transfer under the Will instead of by other means.
5. The testator made unequal financial gifts during his lifetime (maybe paid for college) and wants to equalize monies given to children in the Will.
6. The testator wants to leave something to some grandchildren and to a couple of charities.
The lawyers at Bansbach Zoghlin P.C. can draft a simple Will or a Will tailored to your life. If you would like to talk with or send an e-mail to one of us, please let us know.
Tel: (585) 227-2610
John M. Bansbach, Esq.
Mindy L. Zoghlin, Esq.
Gerald F. Wahl, Esq.
The information contained in this article is not legal advice. Bansbach Zoghlin provides legal advice to clients who retain it to provide services.

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